Tara Reid admits to being embarrassed by 'Sharknado'

By Kyle Johnson,

Tara Reid has admitted that she was embarrassed to star in the first Sharknado film, worried that it could kill any chance she could resurrect her struggling film career.

Speaking with Access Hollywood, the actress admitted she signed on to the project back when it was originally titled Dark Skies. Unfortunately for her that name was quickly changed.

"When I first did it, it was called 'Dark Skies,' so I thought, 'OK, it's not gonna sound so bad on my resume... it'll be fine,'" Reid said. "And then all of a sudden they're like, 'We're changing the name to Sharknado.' I said, 'Oh my God, this is it. My career is over.'"

The American Pie alum revealed she begged producers to change the name, but they refused saying, "Trust us...it'll work." She gave in figuring no one would ever actually see it and Reid kept it quiet from her friends.

While the first film might have been more of a social media phenomenon than an actual ratings one, the second fared much better, managing to set a record for Syfy. The premiere telecast was viewed by 3.9 million people, which is a original film record for the network.

While she might have originally been against the flick, Reid seems to have accepted it now and even unveiled a fragrance capitalizing off the Sharknado success. As previously reported, her website began selling Shark by Tara, which is described as a scent that is "perfect for day-to-day wear."

image courtesy of Zelig Shaul/ACE/INFphoto.com



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