Taylor Swift breaks up with country music with release of 'Shake It Off'

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Taylor Swift has become more than just a musician; she has become her own brand, an international superstar and icon to an entire generation of young girls. With this fame and status comes new music that fans are craving. When Swift released her latest single, “Shake it Off,” off her upcoming album, 1989, she almost broke the Internet with fans trying to hear and download the song. One thing stands out about this single though: Swift has left country music behind.

Gone are the days when Swift would wear her hair curly on stage with her guitar and sing hits like “Our Song” and “Fearless.”

Image courtesy of Nancy Rivera/ACE/INFphoto.com

All musical artists want to express creativity and change their musical sound slightly and grow as a musician but it seems as though Swift wants to leave her country roots behind. Her last studio album, Red, started her transition towards a more poppy sound but now the transition appears to be finalized.

When Swift released Red, it made sense that she was still being nominated for country music awards. A sampling of songs off the record had a strong country influence that could be heard and felt. With “Shake It Off” most likely being the tone of Swift’s music going forward, she should no longer be nominated for country music awards and in ACM categories such as “Entertainer of the Year.” These spots and nominations should go towards country artists that are trying to make it in the country music industry. Swift will have success with other award shows but it’s time to give her spot back to other up and coming country artists.

This is a big loss for country music. Swift was prime to top the country charts for years to come and was a major part of why country music became so popular in the mainstream music industry again. Country music has become a part of the mainstream with acts like Florida Georgia Line and Luke Bryan taking over the music charts on all fronts.

What is important to mention is that Florida Georgia Line and Bryan have found success on both sides of the isle by staying true to their original country roots. They are helping to build and increase the country music platform. It was the country music platform which launched Swift into her career, and now it appears that platform is far behind her.

The question now remains what would happen if Swift went back to country music and developed another country driven album, would her now die hard pop music fans followed her back to roots? Swift has become more than just a country artist and is a full fledged global superstar but will she find that what made her popular in the first place might be worth returning to?

For now, it’s clear that Swift is never getting back together with country music.

Do you think “Shake It Off” is a pop or country song? Comment below and add your thoughts.



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