Teen considered too attractive to play volleyball

By Melissa Barclay,

It’s not everyday someone is told they can't participate in their favorite sport because they’re too attractive. While some may be flattered, Sabina Altynbekova eventually became annoyed.

The 17-year-old volleyball player from Kazakhstan was flattered when people commented on her looks. But when she was told it was too distracting in games things changed, reported the Huffington Post.

Altynbekova's own coach, Nurlan Sadikov, said the attention from the crowd that Altynbekova receives is detrimental to how he runs the team.

“It’s impossible to work like this. The crowd behaves like there is only one player at the championship,” said Sadikov.

According to The Independent, fans of the player have created various accounts on social media. A Facebook fan page created in Altynbekova’s honor has over 200,000 likes, while the Twitter account has over 29,000 followers.

Despite all of the fan accounts across social media, Altynbekova only has an Instagram.

“I was flattered at first but it's all getting a little bit much. I want to concentrate on playing volleyball and to be famous for that, not anything else,” Altynbekova said.

Altynbekova recently got into Katzakh University for Humanities and Law. The teen’s mother, Nuripa Amrievna, said she was asked to model, but her parents weren't for that idea. “She will not go there—we as parents are against it,” Amrievna said.

Image via Instagram from altynbekova_20



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