Texas father accused of gunning down DUI motorist who killed sons

By Michelle Kapusta,

The trial for a Texas father, who has been accused of fatally shooting a drunk driver after the motorist killed his two sons, began Monday.

According to Good Morning America, David Barajas, 32, has been accused of gunning down Jose Banda after he struck and killed his young sons in 2012.

The case has raised many legal and moral questions for both sides. However, in the complicated case, Barajas' attorney, Sam Cammack, said that his client did not kill Banda. In addition, no witnesses have identified the grieving father as the shooter and no murder weapon has ever been recovered.

The Associated Press noted that David Jr., 12, and Caleb, 11, were helping their father push a truck down a road by their home when they were fatally hit by Banda.

The prosecution alleges that after the accident, instead of calling 911, Barajas went to his home retrieved a gun and shot the 20-year-old driver execution style. Cammack has said that those accusations are false and that his client is innocent.

If Barajas is convicted by a jury, he could face life in prison.



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