Tim McGraw settles with woman he slapped through 'simple conversation'

By Kyle Johnson,

Tim McGraw has reportedly settled with the woman he slapped during a July concert by having a "simple conversation."

While performing at Aaron's Amphitheatre in Atlanta in mid-July, the country singer slapped a concertgoer who got too close. During a performance of "Truck Yeah," he was singing near the crowd and a woman reached up and grabbed his jeans.

He tried to pull away as she started to rip his jeans and just before security snatched her away, McGraw hauled off and slapped her in an effort to escape her clutches.

McGraw explained later that the slap was "instinctive" and "defensive." He also admitted that "nobody feels good about it."

Now it appears the issue has been put to rest between McGraw and the woman, Jesslyn Taylor, according to TMZ, who exclusively reported the news. Eric Hertz, her lawyer, explained the matter was now settled.

Apparently all the matter needed was a discussion. "It's been mutually resolved the old-fashioned way," Hertz said, "with a simple conversation."

He didn't say if McGraw also helped end the matter by paying up.

image courtesy of Jennifer Graylock/INFphoto.com



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