Toledo warns residents not to drink tap water after toxins exceed safety levels

By Kyle Johnson,

Residents who got their tap water from Toledo, Ohio were warned not to drink the water after tests discovered toxins had exceeded safety levels.

The warnings affect those living in most of northwest Ohio, including Bedford Township, Perrysburg and others, The Toledo Blade reports. The water should not even be boiled.

The water at Collins Park water treatment plant was discovered to have exceeded the "do not drink" safety levels of microcystin. The allowable level of the toxin is under 1, with 0 being considered safe, said, Dr. David Grossman, Toledo-Lucas County Health Department director.

The plant was discovered through several tests to have microcystin levels of 2.5 parts-per-million. Boiling water will increase the concentration of the toxin in the water.

"It is understandable that there is a huge degree of public concern," the city said, according to The Wall Street Journal. "We would advise everyone to remain calm, an alternative water supply and a distribution system will be announced as quickly as possible."

Toledo says that the toxins might be due to an algae bloom at Lake Erie, which is often the result of a build-up of nitrogen and phosphorus in the water. Anyone drinking the tap water could suffer from diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness, nausea and even abnormal liver function.



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