Tom Hardy photobombed wedding while dressed as Bane

By Benjamin Mazzara,

A photo has just surfaced of actor Tom Hardy, dressed as Bane from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, crashing a young couple’s wedding.

According to E! News, the photo was taken back in 2011 when the film was being made in Pittsburgh, near Carnegie Mellon University's Software Engineering Institute building. However, it had not surfaced online until Thursday on Reddit. According to the Huffington Post, it gained over one million views in 11 hours on the sharing site.

The Mary Sue notes that one Redditor who attended the event detailed the circumstances. Apparently, the crew of The Dark Knight Rises felt so bad about having explosions in the background of the couple’s special day, that they decided to do as much as they could to give the couple a wedding to remember.

“I was actually there watching the filming when this happened," one the Redditor wrote. There was no way the bride and groom could have known they were going to be filming a movie when they booked the chapel, so it basically caused a lot of inconvenience for them and their guests as there were explosions and gunfire on the street during their wedding. The producers were cool about it through; and parked one of the batmobiles [the Tumbler] in front of the chapel so the bride and groom could take a bunch of pictures in it.”

It features a cheerful Hardy, in his complete Bane costume, waving a group of bridesmaids in pink dresses, creating quite the hilarious contrast.

As noted by The Elite Daily, there seems to be no reason why this image is only surfacing online now.

There is also a picture of the bride and groom climbing into the film's tanklike vehicle, the tumbler, as well as a video.

image via Twitter from WTSP

Image Courtesy of INFphoto.com



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