Top 10 actor weight-gains for film roles

By Robby Sabo,

The rewards for an entertainer are obviously rich. They become household names overnight, get catered to every day and do whatever they wish each hour. These multi-millionaires have the life everybody wants and treasures. So much so, that everyday ordinary people follow the life and times of stars on a daily basis.

Yes, it’s fantastic to keep up on the Hollywood happenings. Who is seeing whom? Who’s having a baby next? Which marriage is the next to fail?

What about the back story though?

There is a reason that these megastars are where they are today. Hard work, dedication and self-sacrifice has paved the way to their success. It does not happen with a few strokes of good luck. Oftentimes we take for granted how difficult a job acting is. Not only is it a grueling test on the set, but months and even years of preparation go into a specific role.

The glamour story is certainly always about the most attractive and slimmest bodies. Dedicating a life to keeping fit and eating healthy helps careers in more ways than one. But what about those actors who go above and beyond the norm and spit in the face of trendy? The few rare cases of the elite who’ll do anything to portray an accurate depiction of a character shows true dedication and sacrifice.

Here is our top 10 list of actors who have gained weight in preparation for a film role.



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