Top 10 actresses to follow on Instagram

By Madeline Smith,

Ever since the beginning of social media, fans have had more access than ever before to the lives of their favorite celebrities. There will always be the paparazzi pictures of celebrities and gossip articles about them but neither of these outlets show the personal lives of stars.

Following movie stars and singers on Twitter gives fans a peek into what their favorite celebrities are thinking and doing. Emma Watson shares favorite music, Kim Kardashian writes about her diet and Lena Dunham posts her political opinions. Different stars share many different things but the best way to get an actual look into a celebrity’s life is on Instagram.

Instagram shows where stars are, what they are wearing and who they are spending their time with. Instagram can also reveal a lot about a celebrity’s self image, featuring photos they believe are the best of them.

This list of the top 10 actresses to follow on Instagram lists the most interesting, tech savvy actresses that really put it all out there for their followers. So here are the best actresses to follow on Instagram!

Image courtesy of RCF/INFphoto.com



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