Top 10 celebrity deaths in 2014

By Mihir Shah,

2014 has been the year of many many lost souls in the celebrity world. We lost many heroes who were great actors and talented human beings. These successful people in the eyes of society will be remembered for many generations because their contributions to planet Earth touched many lives and souls, while inspiring billions of people living on this planet right now. Their contribution to this world will be recorded in history books because their performances changed the ever-evolving face of Hollywood.

Their creativity led them to produce art and defined them as unique individuals with one purpose in life; which was to entertain the human race. They succeeded in doing so, they won awards for it, achieved wealth, fame and fortune for the struggle to be great individuals. They left us behind a memorable scar and their footprints in the sands of time will be followed by aspiring people whose drive is to change the course of history by leaving great work behind for the world to see.

Here are some of the most memorable human beings who are on the list of 2014’s most remembered celebrities.

Image courtesy of Roger Wong/INFphoto.com


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