Top 10 'CSI' shocking moments

By Elizabeth Learned,

CSI has been around for such a long time and many fans are able to remember episodes they loved from all seasons. Many things have happened on the show, with crimes being solved by the crime scene investigation team. Originally led by Gilbert Grissom, the supervisor on the team is D.B. Russell, played by actor Ted Danson.

Having been on for fourteen years, the show has seen a lot of cast changes, and many of these changes came with shocking episodes that surprised longtime fans. From surprising deaths to characters being in danger, CSI has kept fans on their toes wanting more.

As the show comes back for a fifteenth season, we are counting down the top ten moments in the show’s history that have left us shaking our heads in complete surprise. Many of these episodes were unexpected, and when the show comes on for marathons, fans continue to watch. Here is our top ten list of shocking moments in the history of CSI.

Image courtesy of INFevents.com



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