Top 10 delicious and amazing banana split variations

By Anna Rose Meeds,

Ice cream, fruit and chocolate – many people would call banana splits a fantastic combination.

According to Whole Foods Market, August 10 is even National Banana Split Day although others celebrate it on August 25. Having this festive day during the hot summer month only seems fitting. After all, part of summer is enjoying ice cream while relaxing out in the sun.

image via Roger Wong/INFphoto.com

The origins of the banana split are disputed. PennLive reported that Latrobe, Philadelphia has the best documented material on this dessert. David E. Stickler, an apprentice at a pharmacy, first began serving them in 1904.

Traditionally, these desserts are made with scoops of strawberry, chocolate and vanilla ice cream over a banana. Numerous ingredients over the sweets include chocolate sauce, whipped cream, cherries and nuts. However, other spins on this delectable dish have transformed it or added unique toppings. This list has 10 banana split recipes that change the finished product while keeping the main delicious ingredients.



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