Top 10 different ways to enjoy a S'more

By Aubrie Reichardt,

August 10 marked National S’mores Day. These chocolate snacks are wonderful to make on a camping trip.

S’mores Day falls near the end of summer, which is a great time to go camping. The middle of the summer is a hot and sticky time to go camping out in the woods but near the end of August works out better. The weather isn’t as hot, leaving cold nights which are nice for a camp fire.

Your popular s’more is made out of two graham crackers with a toasted marshmallow and some melted chocolate in the middle. This snack can get a bit sticky but there are other ways to enjoy. There are some s’mores that don’t need a fire but still have that same delicious taste.

S’mores are a fun snack to get very creative with and there are so many different ways to eat and make s’mores. Here are 10 different ways to eat a s’more and most have the three main ingredients.



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