Top 10 dogs from movies

By Elizabeth Learned,

Man’s best friend is often a phrase associated with dogs. For generations, dogs have served as loyal friends, providing a comforting paw when their owners are sad or engaging in silly play. In entertainment, dogs are always seen going out their way to help people, such as Lassie, or causing mayhem but still remaining a devoted pet, such as Beethoven.

For years, dogs have warmed our hearts on our television screens as they provide us with adorable and tender moments with their owners. In the film Marley and Me, the loveable dog continuously wreaks havoc, but after his female owner suffers a miscarriage, he sits by her side, providing her the comfort she needs. In one film, a dog has the reputation of being known as “The Beast,” but in reality, he is not so bad.

Yesterday was National Dog Day, so we are celebrating some of the top ten dogs from beloved movies, although it was hard to choose just ten! What are your favorite dogs from film and television?

Image courtesy of INFphoto.com

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