Top 10 gadgets for your 2014 holiday shopping lists

By Elizabeth Learned,

Technology is constantly changing and evolving. Every few months, new high tech gadgets come out, replacing older models and boasting that they are new and improved, with better capabilities of those past phones that most people may elect to hold onto for a while. It seems as though you can’t get used to one gadget before the next one comes out. Most often, they have similar features as previous models and may just have a different design.

From the Samsung Galaxy smartphone to a Macbook Air, there are different types of gadgets out there that have come out this year or, like most on this list, came out late last year. With the holidays coming up in the next few months, many of the technology products out there are the perfect gift for family members.

While phone companies do continue to come out with new products, it doesn’t mean these technology gadgets will fall to the wayside. We are counting down the top ten tech gifts of this year that your family will enjoy for the new year.

Many of the items on our list come from CNET, which put together a comprehensive list of 100 top gadgets. Many came out last year, but they still run smoothly and are perfect for your holiday shopping list. What’s your favorite gadget?



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