Top 10 Hot and Spicy Foods Across the Country

By May Chan,
Bring on the spice in the land of the free!

A little hot and spice never hurt anybody except maybe bring you to tears, but for the most part, spicy foods come in various dishes, and part of living in the U.S. is enjoying every cuisine within a car drive away.

Some foods range from mildly spicy to so piping hot that you have to douse yourself with eight glasses of water. Some dishes are integral in the cuisine, while some fusions seem questionable, but don't harp on it until you try it. There's chain restaurants we highlight and local mom and pop restaurants worth noting for their spicy dishes.

The best part of the hot and spicy foods are that they are part of a cultural melting pot (couldn't help the pun) we get to dip our toes in with the rise of the foodie space of Instagram and Yelp. In honor of Hot and Spicy Food Day, here we take a look at some spicy foods that'll whet your appetite, and we even included some bonus restaurants that serve them.

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