Top 10 inspiring celebrities with mental illnesses

By Anna Rose Meeds,

Depression, anxiety, eating disorders, bipolar disorders, addictions – there are numerous types of mental illness that millions of people struggle with around the globe. These invisible disorders might not be as noticeable as physical health problems but the pain that they inflict is certainly real.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, nearly 19 percent of adults in 2012 suffered from a mental illness. All genders, races and ages had at least 13.9 percent of their population inflicted with one of these disorders. Any type of person can be diagnosed with a mental health problem.

With the recent suicide of beloved actor and comedian Robin Williams, topics such as depression are being discussed more openly. Yet, a stigma on mental illness still exists. The Mayo Clinic identified this stigma as a judgment leading to discrimination. Because of this, some people do not receive care but suffer through mental anguish alone.

However, many groups and individuals are working to eliminate stigmas. Celebrities especially are opening up to the public and talking about their own mental illnesses. In doing so, they have helped others find the courage to receive treatment and not feel ashamed.

This list has just a few of the celebrities who have inspired their fans to have hope even with mental health problems. There are many others who have also battled with mental illness and are helping others. These ones, however, have worked to end the stigma on mental health problems and encourage those suffering.

Image courtesy of Tim Whitby/INFevents.com


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