Top 10 IPA-infused Recipes

By Vincent Lia,
Celebrate National IPA Day with one of these recipes

Today is not just the first day of August, it's also National IPA Day.

Over the last several years, Americans have developed more cultured beer palates and, as that interest has grown, so has the increase of craft breweries and microbreweries across the country. Demand has grown for beers other than your standard, mass produced ale or lager. One of the fastest growing styles of brew is the IPA and you'd be hard pressed to find a row of taps at a bar that doesn't have at least one of them.

For the uninitiated, IPA stands for "Indian Pale Ale." The IPA is distinguished by it's heavy use of hops and its intense flavor and bitterness. This makes the beverage itself a bit polarizing but makes it an enticing ingredient for a countless number of recipes.

Nowadays, pairing beer with food is just as necessary as pairing wine but why not find a food to pair with your beer every now and then? This list should give you a few ideas on how to incorporate an IPA into your next meal for a rich and complex taste.



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