Top 10 Memorable TV Moments - 2014 Emmy Edition

By Matthew Dagen,

It's that time of year again: award season. To start everything off, television gets its moment in the spotlight with the Primetime Emmy Awards on Monday on NBC at 8 p.m.

A wide range of shows were nominated this year, with everything from Netflix originals such as Orange is the New Black and House of Cards to mainstays like Game of Thrones, Mad Men and Modern Family to the curtain call for Breaking Bad.

It should be a fun night, especially with Seth Meyers with the reins as the host. To help take a look back at the year in television, here's ten of the many memorable moments from the Emmy year in television.

The picks range from comedy to the more serious side, with most of them leaning toward coming from shows nominated in the Best Drama category. A lot of this year's big moments had to do with a death of a character, but that goes with the reality that death and sadness are more captivating television. So without further ado, our ten most memorable moments from the year so far in television.

Disclaimer: some spoilers obviously follow.

image courtesy of Kristin Callahan/ACE/INFphoto.com



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