Top 10 reasons to go Greek

By Elizabeth Sudlow,

It is that time of year, as colleges across the country prepare for the thrill that is Greek life recruitment. From a fellow Greek, recruitment is an amazing time where all of the organizations search for their future sisters and brothers.

According to USA Today, 9 million college students are members of a Greek organization. Some join to make friends and others for networking opportunities.

However, the decision to go Greek can be a difficult one for some. There are plenty of negative stigmas against the Greek system, but there are so many amazing reasons to take the plunge and look into the fraternities and sororities at your school.

All but three U.S. presidents have been in a fraternity since 1825 and 85 percent of those on the Fortune 500 were in Greek life. The first female senator and first female astronaut were in sororities as well, plus the graduation rate for Greeks is 20 percent higher than non-Greek students.

To put yourself out there and go through recruitment can be scary on your own but joining Greek life can open several doors to different opportunities and be the risk of a lifetime. In honor of fall recruitment across the country, I present the top 10 reasons to go Greek.

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