Top 10 recipes for unique chocolate chip cookies

By Anna Rose Meeds,

Bakeries, cookbooks, grocery stores and food websites are filled with recipes for cookies. New flavors and combinations of unique ingredients come out regularly. People have become creative when it comes to making a delicious dessert.

However, there is one classic flavor that is still craved despite all of the new options. Chocolate chip cookies have become a favorite treat of children and adults. Howstuffworks listed them as the third most popular dessert in America and Squidoo labeled them as the top homemade cookie flavor. According to The New Yorker, Ruth Wakefield first invented these baked goods and printed a recipe for them in 1938 after making them for the Toll House restaurant. Since then, people have commonly enjoyed several with a glass of milk.

Although a simple chocolate chip cookie can be delicious, sometimes adding a few extra ingredients can be just as scrumptious. Aug. 4 is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, according to State Symbols USA. In honor of that, here are 10 recipes for chocolate chip cookies that are a bit different than the original cookies but still have the same gooey sweetness.



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