Top 10 Relient K Songs

By Luke Wiersma,

When Matt Hoops and company set out to generate musical fusion under the banner of Relient K in 1998, they probably had no idea just how far their efforts would take them.

Just five short years later, the quartet was nominated for a Grammy thanks to their breakthrough third album, Two Lefts Don’t Make a Right … but Three Do, according to Christian Post. The album also brought the band a Dove award (handed out by the Gospel Music association) for Modern Rock Album of the Year in 2004, and again for their follow-up effort in 2006, Mmhmm, reported AceShowBiz.

The album is by far their most commercially popular one to date. The band’s talents aren’t limited to just music, however. The band also wrote a novel in 2004, entitled The Complex Infrastructure Known as the Female Mind, which is chalk full of sound advice on girls and how best to go about interacting with one. The band is still alive and kicking (not to mention making music), as evidenced by their latest album release, Collapsible Lung, just last year.


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