Top 10 Robin Williams quotes

By Mihir Shah,

Robin Williams has inspired this world with many of his famous philosophical quotes which he came up with during his acting career and also during the times he spent as a stand-up comedian. His movies brought us love, happiness, hope and enlightenment and his words will be remembered for generations to come.

Just as Einstein, Steve Jobs and many other famous figures, Williams was considered as an independent or free thinker and he spent a huge chunk of his life devoting his time to humor, art, love, happiness and politics, as a husband and as a father. He had an incredible talent to do voices as can be seen in his film Mrs. Doubtfire or any of his stand-up comedy performances. Unfortunately, the sequel to Mrs. Doubtfire and his appearance in future films was removed due to his recent death.

He gained fame from his appearance in the epic movie Jumanji and ever since that movie, he became a superstar with numerous career opportunities. His voices in animated films like Madagascar and Happy Feet will always be remembered by audiences for his talent in voice work. He will also be remembered as the robot Andrew Martin for his appearance in the movie Bicentennial Man.

Here are some of William’s most memorable quotes.

Image courtesy of Roger Wong/INFphoto.com


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