Top 10 Sorority Movies

By Madeline Smith,

It is the middle of August, which means college students are packing up their cars and heading back to school. For members of Greek life at universities, this time of year is the most important because it is time for rush.

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Fraternities and sororities spend the time by rushing to recruiting freshmen to join and pledge their club. For sororities, this is an especially important time because the bigger and better the pledge class, the higher up the sorority is viewed on campus.

Whether a top tier or an up-and-coming sorority, the experiences are all the same: a sisterhood that introduces girls to life long friends and brings forth incredible memories.

Sororities are often satirized in films for being too superficial or too cult-like. In this list of top ten sorority movies, there are all kinds of themes: sisterhood, betrayal, jealousy, friendship and so on.

This list is perfect for those in and out of Greek life, featuring films that both support and make fun of Greek life. Here are TheCelebrityCafe.com’s top 10 sorority movies.



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