Top 10 Sports Essentials

By Luke Wiersma,

Athletes have long debated the parameters of what makes up their livelihoods. What essential features does a recreational activity need to possess before it can be qualified as a “sport”?

While opinions on the matter differ wildly (as opinions often do), there are a few basics that most everyone agrees upon and a few that are highly disputed. This top 10 includes a bit of both, with the more accepted elements tending to land near the top. These basics are used to answer such time-honored conundrums as “Is golf a sport?” and my personal favorite, “Should the World Series of Poker be televised on the great and prestigious ESPN?”

While the answers to these questions may seem painstakingly obvious to some, others might legitimately be torn by their opinions on them and thus on the fence when it comes to the matter. Read on to see light shine regarding the concepts that make up one of the best things that God has ever allowed the human race to create: Sport.

Image courtesy of INFphoto.com



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