Top 10 tasty paninis

By Anna Rose Meeds,

Sandwiches are a staple meal since childhood for many people. Peanut butter and jelly, grilled cheese, lunch meat – the variations can fill up entire cookbooks or menus. However, sometimes a classier but still simple meal is desired. Paninis can be a great alternative to a normal sandwich.

Originally, the word “panini” came from the Italian term meaning “bread roll,” according to the Oxford Dictionary. This is because these sandwiches began in Italy. Calaphon’s article “Panini: A Culinary History,” tells how paninis grew in popularity. Created by the working-class, this quick, cheap meal included only a slice of meat that would usually not need refrigeration. Typical breads were ciabatta or focaccia, which are considered more rustic. As other people became interested in this dish, toasting the sandwich and filling it with more ingredients became popular.

Now, having one untoasted would be the exception, not the norm. Instead of just one filling, most paninis have a mixture of vegetables, cheese, oils, herbs and meat. Although not much more complicated than a sandwich, these are seen as a bit fancier.

Since August is National Panini Month, according to Food.com, here are 10 delicious recipes for paninis to add some variety and classiness to everyday meals.



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