Top 10 unique ways to eat peaches

By Anna Rose Meeds,

Having fresh fruit is considered by many one of the joys of summer and early fall. Grocery stores make fruit available all year long, but there are few things as delicious as a juicy apple or peach home-grown and picked in season.

Because of the abundance of fresh produce around this time of year, Aug. 22 is considered Eat a Peach Day, according to Food.com. This juicy fruit adds its sweet flavor to numerous recipes from cobblers to smoothies.

Originally from China, peaches have been regarded as delicious and important parts of culture since 1000 B.C.E. According to The Nibble, the Chinese viewed this food a sign of immortality and unity. Perhaps because of this, peach blossoms were used in weddings. The Persians next discovered the “Persian apple” and in turn Alexander the Great brought the fruit to Europe, according to Bader Farms Inc. Since then, the popularity of peaches has continued to grow throughout the world.



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