Top 10 Woody Harrelson roles

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Woody Harrelson can most recently be seen on the big screen playing the role of Haymitch Abernathy in the Hunger Games series but his career in the film industry started many years ago back in the early 1980’s. Harrelson starred in television roles and transitioned into film with movies like White Men Can’t Jump and Indecent Proposal.

With a highly successful career in television, Harrelson took time this season to be on the hit HBO show True Detective. He was nominated for an Emmy for his role on the HBO show, which also starred Matthew McConaughey. Harrelson has proved that he can impress with his talent on the big and small screen.

In honor of his nomination, TheCelebrityCafe.com is counting down the top 10 Woody Harrelson roles. From his work on Zombieland to his ongoing role in the Hunger Games franchise, Harrelson proves that can take on a variety of roles and win his fans over time and time again.

Image courtesy of Peter West/ACE/INFphoto.com



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