Top 20 TV deaths we're still mourning

By Marie Blake,

Losing one of your favorite characters on your favorite show is never easy, especially if you’re a loyal fan; but eventually, someone has to go.

Sometimes, a character’s death is expected, possibly due to news of an actor opting out of their contract to venture on to other things, or perhaps they were let go. Sometimes, though, their departure comes as a big shock and throws audiences for a loop.

Over the years, many characters have died, leaving us wondering if we should keep watching our favorite shows. This list is comprised of some of the more emotional and shocking deaths of characters from some of our favorite shows over the past years, some old and some new.


If you still haven’t caught up on some of your favorite shows, beware, there are many spoilers ahead.

Here are the top 20 television character deaths we are still mourning.

Image courtesy of Peter West/ACE/INFphoto.com

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