Top Ten 2014-2015 NBA Games you won't want to miss.

By Luke Wiersma,

It may have seemed like the NBA Finals just ended, but the league has already released its schedule for the upcoming season. The top ten games of next year are chalk-full of LeBron James, Kevin Love, and their Cavaliers, because, let’s be honest here folks, who doesn’t want to see Cleveland’s new team make-up in action? They are now the best team in the East on paper, although with Derek Rose back and running (literally) at full force, the Chicago Bulls are not too far behind.

The Spurs should be the darling of the West once again, thanks to the incredible coaching of Gregg Popovich. The Oklahoma City Thunder, Houston Rockets, and L.A. Clippers should be in the mix as well. Player return storylines have mostly dominated this list, as not much else can provide quite as much drama as a former player coming back to the face the music that the fan base is sure to play for them. Per ESPN.com, here are a few highlights:

Credit: INFphoto.com


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