Top 10 Celebrity Weight Loss for a Role in a Movie

By Kate Taylor ,

Actors are generally known for their above average looks (to say the least) and the bodies that go with them. Having said that, it doesn’t stop the occasional star from having to dramatically slim down for a role.

Weight loss for a role can quite literally be done in vain. In some cases however, the transformation can be extreme or even disturbing. The challenge doesn’t only lie in the physical transformation, but actors are also often challenged by the complex characters they are required to depict who lie beneath the skeletal exterior.

Either way, adapting to the role of the character is all part of the job. For many (if not all) of the actors in this list, dramatic weight loss was well worth their while. In a town where less is certainly more as far as the scale is concerned, here are the top 10 most dramatic weight losses made by actors for a role.

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