Top 10 sports Twitter accounts to follow

By Leighton Schneider ,

Twitter and sports figures do not usually go hand in hand, but for the few that can truly master the art of the tweet, it can be a place where they can let their fans see what they are like off of the field, court, or ice.

If you are a person who likes sports and spends time on Twitter, then some of the following 10 people and teams should be of no surprise to you.

This list was thought of after Joel Embid started his conquering of Twitter while trying to lure LeBron James to Embid’s new team, the Philadelphia 76ers. He could have stopped there, but he moved on to Kim Kardashian by trying to get her on a date. When that failed, he moved on to Rihanna and posted a series of tweets and photos of her in his 76ers jersey.

In honor of Embid’s attempt at getting some of the biggest starts, here is a list of the top sports Twitters to follow.

Image courtesy of INFphoto.com

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