Trailer Park- 8/29 Edition: ‘The November Man’ and ‘As Above/So Below’ look to top all of the latest films

By Michelle Vaccaro,

Intense, dark films are balanced by entertaining biopics at the box office this week. Susan Sarandon has a starring role in each of those types of films. In his latest film, Pearce Brosnan goes back to his James Bond roots to play a CIA operative.

A former CIA agent comes out of retirement to keep old secrets safe in The November Man. On a mission to protect an important witness, he finds himself in the crosshairs of an old friend, his former student. Pierce Brosnan stars in the one hour and forty-eight minute film. It’s rated R for violence, language, sex and drugs.

Urban archeologists looking to discover a piece of Paris’ history head into the city’s catacombs in So Above/So Below. In the underground lair of bodies and bones, they uncover more than what they bargained as evil lurks behind every corner. The suspense thriller runs for one hour and thirty-three minutes. It’s rated R for violence and language.

The last years of actor Errol Flynn’s life is the focus of the film The Last of Robin Hood. Flynn spent his last days living in extravagance and fawning over a young actress with dreams of stardom. His world was rocked when his relationship was caught in the public eye. The one hour and thirty minute drama stars Kevin Kline, Dakota Fanning and Susan Sarandon. The limited released film is rated R for sex and language.

Two criminals try to get at a corrupt real estate developer by kidnapping his wife in Life of Crime. What they don’t realize is that the man really doesn’t care much for his wife so their plan to extort money from him may be foiled. Jennifer Aniston, Tim Robbins, Isla Fisher and Will Forte star in the limited released crime comedy. The film runs for one hour and thirty-nine minutes. It’s rated R for language, sex and violence.

A violent teen is forced into an adult penitentiary in Starred Up. While struggling to survive in the tough prison system, he comes face to face with a long-time prisoner, his father. The unrated British drama is running in limited theaters for one hour and forty-two minutes.

A neighborhood detective searches for a serial killer in The Calling. Her investigation uncovers religious overtones with a connection to a more widespread killing spree, but soon she finds herself in direct contact with the madman. The thriller stars Susan Sarandon, Donald Sutherland and Topher Grace. The limited released thriller runs for one hour and forty-eight minutes. It’s rated R for violence and language.

A teen is haunted by his murdered classmate in Jamie Marks is Dead. Having not had any friends when he was alive, Jamie Marks seeks the companionship in the afterlife, reaching out to the high school track star. The unrated dramatic horror film is running in limited theaters for one hour and forty-one minutes.

Cantinflas tells the story behind the popular Mexican comedic actor of the same name. The charming comedian started out in poverty on small stages but later hit Hollywood and became a worldwide star. The PG Spanish language drama stars Óscar Jaenada and Michael Imperioli. The biopic is subtitled in English and is playing in limited theaters for one hour and forty-six minutes.

World War II Hungry is the setting for the film The Notebook. The war drama shows the struggles and the lessons learned by a pair of twins growing up during a time of bloodshed. The one hour and twenty-two minute Hungarian war film is subtitled in English. The limited released film is rated R for violence, sex, nudity and language.

Cantinflas is a bright star amongst the dark new releases entering theaters this week. Next week continues to lighten up with the debut of a musical journey, The Identical.

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