'True Blood' recap: 'Love is to Die'

By Julianne Ishler ,

There's just one episode left of True Blood ever, yet there still seem to be a million questions fans need answered. What will be the fate of Bill and Sookie? What will happen now that Gus Jr. knows where Sookie lives? Who will get their happily ever after and who will meet the true death?

The ninth episode, titled "Love is to Die," started right where we were last week - Bill making the terribly selfish decision to not take the cure. Sookie and Jessica become emotional quickly, Sookie slapping him for answers while Jessica asks for her release, in a pretty heartbreaking scene. You know it's heartbreaking when Pam comforts someone.

We next see Sookie and Jessica walk into Sam's house looking for him, only to be greeted with a note for Sookie (and another for Andy). Sam explains in the letter that he chose to move with Nicole and be a father to their child. He signs off the note with an "I love you," which makes Sookie even more emotional.

Arlene throws a big party for her friends at Bellefleur's in order to hopefully attract more customers. Sookie is the lone party-pooper, who is upset that Sam moved away. She gives Andy the letter Sam left for him in a private room, because she said hers was emotional and she wanted privacy. Andy opens the letter and finds it's a one liner announcing that his resignation. At Bellefleur's, Jessica runs into James, and they make up, admitting that she really did know nothing about him. This reminds her of the person she knows everything about, her first love - Hoyt. She runs over to his house.

Prior to Jessica's arrival, Brigitte still was unsettled about her conversation with Hoyt about not wanting kids. After he explains he's not ready, they get on the subject of Jessica, Brigitte accusing him of being with her during the day. Hoyt owns up to it, and just as Brigitte is comforted knowing there's nothing going on, who better to show up at Hoyt's door than Jessica herself? Even better is that Jessica decides that now is the time to tell Hoyt that they used to date, right in front of Brigitte. Brigitte is hurt and tells Hoyt he can go outside and listen to the rest of the story but if he walks outside, they're done. So of course he chooses to go outside. It's too bad poor Brigitte doesn't know she's dealing with the true, inevitable love between Jess and Hoyt.

An emotional Brigitte calls Jason, and once he learns about Jessica telling Hoyt their story, he comes running over - only to be punched out cold within seconds of showing up. Brigitte drives him to the hospital, but Jason insists on just going back to his place. He also throws it out there that he does not plan on having sex with her.

At Jason's place, Brigitte is on the phone trying to get on the next flight out of Bon Temps. After having no luck, Jason smooth talks the woman to letting Brigitte get on the flight. They have beers together, and Jason tells Brigitte the Jessica story, and how he remembers Hoyt beating him up after it happened and telling him that something from him was missing. Brigitte says she's going to teach Jason how to not have sex with someone and still be close to them. They lie on his bed and share secrets, Jason admitting that he wants kids, but is scared to have a girl in case she meets someone like him.

Brigitte tells him there's nothing missing from him. Will Jason pull a romantic airport stunt and stop Brigitte from leaving Bon Temps? There's nothing more we want than for Jason to have a happy ending!

Meanwhile, Eric pays Bill a visit. Bill explains that he is choosing to die for Sookie. He reasons that he cannot help but be drawn to her light, but because she is fae, she is also drawn to his darkness. The darkness has hurt her so many times, yet she still keeps coming back - he wants to set her free. As sweet and romantic he thinks he's being, it comes off like Bill is starring in his own soap opera. But at the end of the day, True Blood is a story about Sookie and Bill's fairytale. After some hesitation and admittance to being scared, Sookie agrees to see him. Where the episode leaves off, Bill knocks on her door.

In Sarah land, Pam comes up with the brilliant idea to go behind Gus's back and sell Sarah like a prostitute, starting with dying her hair back to blonde. Ginger is upset that Eric didn't tell her he was sick, and Eric says he will make it up to her by having sex - Ginger's dream come true. Ginger acts out her fantasy of doing it on the throne and straddling him. After two seconds, she's completely reached her bliss and falls to the floor out of pleasure, leaving Eric confused.

Eric goes to find Pam, but she's nowhere to be found. He wanders to the basement, where she is locked to a table with a wooden stake hanging from the ceiling. Gus questions him about Sookie knowing about Sarah. With each answer he doesn't give, the stake hangs closer to Pam. He finally spits out the truth that Sookie does know. Gus asks where she lives and Eric, with his protective face on, reluctantly tells him in order to spare Pam.

And that's where we'll have to leave off until next week, the final episode ever! What are your predictions for the Sookie-Bill love saga? Who will get their happy ending?

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