‘Tyrant’ recap: 'Meet the new Boss'

By Aubrie Reichardt,

With Sheik Rashid dead, there is no one to run against Jamal in the elections. Jamal seems like a changed man but his brother Barry can see right through him. Barry knows Jamal cannot stay in office and he plans to fix that. Will Barry have what it takes to overthrow his own brother?

At the end of the last episode, Barry made a call to John Tucker. They meet in the square and Barry tells Tucker that Jamal shouldn’t be president. Barry wants believes it should be him. Tucker doesn’t like the idea but Barry explains that Jamal can’t handle it and will soon snap. Tucker leaves telling Barry to speak to no one about their meeting.

At Rashid’s service, Jamal and Barry give their regards to Rashid’s uncle and sons. Barry is pulled aside by Ihab who still doesn’t trust any of the Al Fayeeds. Ihab wants to shorten the time for elections and they end up agreeing on nine months.

Later that day, Leila tells Jamal that Barry partnering with the Rashid’s makes them look weak. Jamal says she knows nothing about Barry and that Barry is by Jamal’s side. Jamal also tells his wife about how Barry finished off Sheik Rashid. Leila’s opinion of Barry seems to change. Jamal trusts Barry because they are brothers and believes nothing can break that bond.

However, Barry is on his way with Yussef to meet up with John Tucker. They end up in a safe hideout where they are introduced to Lea Exley, possibly from the United States State Department. For their plan to replace Jamal to work, they need help from others. Nusrat’s (Jamal’s son’s wife) family is among those people. Yussef says he can talk with them. General Tariq must be removed for he is a big threat to them. The plan will take about a week and Barry is recommended that he send his family home.

Jamal is out with some poor children announcing that he will open a free soccer field. Barry is there too and Jamal talks to him about childhood memories. This makes Barry uneasy since he plans on taking his own brother out of office. Jamal talks to his son Ahmed who says he has wife problems. All Ahmed wants is Nasrat’s love but she refuses.

Back at the palace, Tariq is having a talk with Walid, Sheik Rashid’s brother. The general’s plan is to have Walid run in the election but lose to Jamal in the end. Walid agrees to do it.

Barry tells his wife about leaving the country. He tells her that they will all fly back to the States as a family in the next week. Molly doesn’t want to leave that early and the two have a nasty argument. Molly becomes concern when Barry won’t tell her what’s going on and he loses his cool. When Molly talks to her children and sister Jenna, they all want to stay expect Molly’s daughter Emma.

Leila confronts Barry letting him know that Jamal told her everything. She believes that her and Barry can work together to help Jamal. She knows that Jamal can’t be president alone. After his talk with her, Yussef calls Barry informing him that Nasrat’s family won’t side with them.

Jamal tries to talk to Nasrat on behalf of his son but she doesn’t believe him. She doesn’t think Jamal is a changed man and tries to give herself to him. Jamal leaves the room without touching her.

Barry meets with Nasrat’s father with one last effort to get them to side with them. He manages to talk him into it but is over heard. Ziad, Tariq’s right hand man, has been following Barry. Ziad says that work given to him makes him sick and he is not on board with what Jamal and Tariq do.
Molly is out running when Barry tracks her down. She says they will leave but her sister is staying causing Barry to become angry. She demands she know everything and Barry fills her in. She is upset with him and snaps.

At the end of the episode, Jamal buys Barry a yacht. He wants to relive childhood memories and bond more with his brother. Jamal, however, also has no idea about Barry’s plan and this gift makes Barry feel guilty. Will Barry stick with his plan and take the presidential office away from his own blood?

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