‘Tyrant’ recap: ‘Preventative Medicine’

By Aubrie Reichardt,

The last episode of Tyrant left us with the possible death of Ihab Rashid’s father who was attacked by Jamal. Jamal believed Rashid dead but his brother’s wife, Molly, discovered that Rashid was still hanging on.

Now Jamal has a major problem on his hands. His bad decision could ruin everything he has worked for. Jamal needs to find a way to make sure Rashid never wakes up and poor Barry gets caught up in his brother’s mess.

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While Jamal leaves Rashid in the bathroom to finally enter the ballroom, John Tucker strikes conversation with Barry. Tucker knows that Barry is behind everything Jamal does. Jamal is fortunate to have his brother with him.
Molly finds out about Rashid and rushes over to Barry. The two run into the bathroom and Molly finds Rashid’s pulse. Jamal has panic in his eyes as Rashid’s two sons begin to demand if anyone else was in the bathroom with their father. When Rashid is taken to the hospital, Ihab tells Rashid’s other son that palace cameras say that their father was alone and there was no trace of foul play.

After looking over Rashid, a doctor tells Jamal, Barry, Molly and Rashid’s boys that Rashid is in a coma. The doctor believes that he could wake up and be alright in the end. Jamal tells Ihab that he will watch over their father and Molly begins to work at the hospital.

At this point, Jamal needs a plan to make sure Rashid doesn’t wake up. He talks to Barry about the possibility of Rashid waking up and Barry senses that Jamal has done something. Jamal says that it was him who got rid of the camera evidence and now needs Barry to finish off Rashid. Barry refuses but Jamal insists that Barry use his knowledge of medicine to finish the job. Barry wants to go home and compares Jamal to the nursery rhyme “Humpty Dumpty” before he leaves.

Jamal also confesses to his wife Leila about what happened. However, she is not all that mad. She believes that Jamal made the right choice and that Barry is hurting Jamal.

Barry has a talk with his mother who tells him something she should have said a long time ago. She reveals that Barry’s father wanted to make peace with Rashid till he believed that Rashid attacked his people. However, it wasn’t Rashid but Tairq, Barry’s uncle. Tairq wanted to give Barry’s father a reason to attack Rashid so he killed his own people which lead to the gas attack 20 years ago. Barry is in shock. Up till now, he blamed his father for killing innocents when it wasn’t his father’s plan at all.

Barry moves on to talk to Yussef, the only other person who knew the truth. Barry wishes he knew this sooner so his father didn’t have to die thinking Barry hated him. Before Barry leaves, he asks Yussef for the address of the innocent man’s (the one Barry killed for his brother when they were young) family.

Jamal is trying to find an escape plan thinking that Rashid will wake up. He stays with his mistress and talks her into leaving with him.

Barry finds out the address he asked for is a dead end. The family left and no longer lives at the address Yussef gave him. Barry goes to prey and Fauzi runs into him. Fauzi tells Barry that he now has hope because of Barry. Even after the praise from his friend, Barry still decides to go down a dangerous path.

Barry sits down next to Rashid’s hospital bed. He looks weak and scared. Rashid is in a coma but Barry pours his heart out to him. He tells Rashid the truth about the gas attack and how it was his uncle and not his father. Barry says that he plans on finishing his father’s plan which was to make peace. He also tells Rashid that he won’t feel pain as Barry enters a syringe into Rashid. Barry begs for forgiveness then leaves a dying Rashid.

Barry tells Jamal about what he has done and Jamal is relieved. Rashid will die in the next few hours so Barry walks Jamal through what will happen next. Jamal tells Barry he loves him but Barry just hangs up the phone. Knowing he doesn’t have to leave, Jamal becomes himself again and suffocates his mistress with a pillow.

Molly rushes into Rashid’s room as he starts to die. She and another doctor try to save him but it seems to be no help.

Barry calls John Tucker and asks for names: of the people who didn’t think Jamal could be a good president. The episode ends with Barry understanding that Jamal isn’t ready for president.

Do you believe that Barry made the right choice? Should he have killed Rashid?

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