University of Maryland to guarantee athletic scholarships

By Leighton Schneider ,

The University of Maryland will guarantee all athletic scholarships for every athlete in every sport, until they graduate the school.

According to the University, the program will be called “The Maryland Way Guarantee." It will allow every incoming athlete to have a multi-year guaranteed scholarship.

An athlete will be able to keep his or her scholarship until they graduate, no matter if their eligibility is exhausted or if they decide to go pro.

Maryland will also pay for tuition, books and fees to any athlete that takes a leave from the school, if they are doing fine academically and want to return to finish their degree.

Maryland had been offering multi-year scholarships since 2011, according to Sporting News.

This was a change from many other schools that offer one-year scholarship to athletes that can be renewed, reduced or taken away by the school.

Maryland director of athletics Kevin Anderson said that they want Maryland to be the best program at producing graduates in the NCAA.

“We are confident ‘The Maryland Way Guarantee’ will further demonstrate our commitment to our student-athletes’ pursuit of a college degree.”



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