U.S. Army general killed, 14 others wounded in Afghan base attack

By Kyle Johnson,

A U.S. Army major general was shot and killed, while 14 others suffered injuries on Tuesday at an Afghanistan military training base.

A German brigadier general, who suffered non life-threatening injuries, and 13 other foreign military service members were shot during the attack, which was done by someone wearing an Afghan military uniform, The New York Times.

The German military, which confirmed a brigadier general was injured, said the shooting was "presumably an internal attack."

Unsurprisingly the attack left those at the base nervous and edgy, with an Associated Press photographer, Massoud Hossaini explaining his convoy showed up to the gate and was shouted at by a leaving military vehicle.

A warning shot was then fired by the soldier positioned at the roof-mounted gun. "I don't know what he fired," Hossaini said. "It was fired near our car."

Neither the names of those injured in the attack nor the shooter have been released. A U.S. official did reveal that the gunman was armed with a light machinegun.

According to Reuters, the Afghan Ministry of Defence explained the attack in a short statement. "Today at 12pm, a terrorist in army uniform opened fire on international partners and other Afghan officers, wounding several."

Tensions were high throughout Afghanistan on Tuesday, with a policeman shooting at international and local forces, while a NATO airstrike killed a family with two children traveling in a vehicle in the western Herat province.



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