USC coach Steve Sarkisian says Josh Shaw could ‘potentially’ return to team

By Michelle Kapusta,

After being suspended indefinitely for his admission that he lied about how he sprained his ankles, USC coach Steve Sarkisian said that Josh Shaw could be reinstated with the Trojans.

According to ESPN, Sarkisian spoke to reporters on Thursday and was asked if he would be open to Shaw returning to the team this season.

"Potentially. Sure,” the coach answered.

On Wednesday, the senior cornerback admitted to making up quite an elaborate story about how he sprained his ankles. Shaw said the injury happened after he heroically jumped off a second-floor balcony to save his distressed 7-year-old nephew who did not know how to swim and was struggling in a pool.

The University said that the athlete admitted he lied, but did not disclose many other details. Shaw retained an attorney and Sarkisian said he did not inform school officials of what really happened that led to the injuries.

"He was unable to tell us," Sarkisian said. "When he actually admitted to us that he was lying, he was in the presence of his attorney. That's a better question for his attorney. He didn't tell us and we weren't privy to ask quite honestly."

Sarkisian also admitted that the whole issue seemed so out of character for Shaw, who was elected team captain last week and spoke at the university’s commencement this past spring.



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