Volunteers aid military, rescue workers after deadly earthquake in China

By Michelle Kapusta,

In the aftermath of Sunday’s deadly earthquake that shook western China, volunteers have stepped up to assist the military and rescue workers to help out those in need.

The Associated Press reported that volunteers made up of students, social groups and private businesses have made the journey to the hard-hit town of Longtoushan to help out in any way they can.

"We'll get to the town and go ask the soldiers and rescuers what they need us to do,” said college student Song Lina.

Lina and some of her friends wore baseball caps and T-shirts reading "Sending our love,” as they made their way to the quake-hit area.

CRIENGLISH noted that the death toll has continued to rise and has already reached nearly 600 people. And some are still believed to be trapped beneath the rubble.

Many of the deceased were from the Yunnan province in a mountainous region. They were killed when the 6.1 magnitude quake struck and brought down several structures.

Relief efforts in and around the devastated areas are ongoing.



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