Washington Nationals' Bryce Harper has no respect for the Atlanta Braves logo

By Brian McMahon,
The young outfielder seemingly dragged his foot across the Braves' logo behind home plate on purpose

Washington Nationals' Bryce Harper went out of his way to mess up the "A" that is inscribed in the dirt behind home plate at the Atlanta Braves home stadium of Turner Field.

Before at least two of his at-bats in the Nationals 4-1 win on Saturday, Harper swiped his cleat across the "A," a notion of disrespect to the Nationals' division rivals. According to Deadspin, Harper denied the allegations that he messed up the "A" on purpose. "That's the last thing on my mind when I'm coming to the plate," said Harper when asked about it. "I have no idea."

SB Nation posted the clip of Harper showing his feelings about the Braves' logo on Twitter.

Image via Twitter from SB Nation

Harper was a phenom coming into MLB back in 2012 at 19 years old, earning trips to the All-Star game his first two years. He is still only 21, so even if he is not being honest about not altering the "A" on purpose, it is something that he can most certainly put behind him. Atlanta fans, on the other hand, might be less forgiving. The Braves sent a message via Twitter to Harper on his treating of their cherished "A."

The Nationals led the Braves by 4.5 games in the NL East heading into their game on Sunday night, and still have two series against each other before the end of the season. With the Braves having a chance to catch the Nationals, who have been by far the best team in the division so far this season, there are definitely more pressing concerns for both teams than whether or not Harper altered the logo on purpose.



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