Washington police find bloody scene, suspect it may be part of a homicide

By Melissa Barclay,

Bloody clothing and debris found at a roadside in Auburn, Washington are being investigated by police, and could possibly be evidence of a homicide or violent assault.

The blood found on the debris and clothing was confirmed as human by the Washington State Patrol lab. The debris consisted of clothing, carpet, hardwood and linoleum, ABC News reported.

A Federal Protective Service officer found the blood covered debris and clothing Wednesday afternoon. The officer was driving when he saw a small fire burning on the roadside. When the officer went to extinguish the fire, a man was seen fleeing the scene.

According to Komo News, the officer attempted to follow the man who fled in a dark SUV. The man was burning the debris, and was suspected of trying to destroy the evidence.

Dave Colglazier of the Auburn police said it is possible for them to be led to the suspect based on the DNA found on the bloody items. He believes the towel found at the site was used to clean up the mess.

“It's highly unusual and very suspicious based on the material and the condition that it's in,” Colgazier said.

The scene has not been connected with any homicide as of yet. Investigators were corresponding with other law enforcement agencies to determine whether or not anyone reported a violent incident.

“We are reasonably certain that it’s going to be a homicide or a very serious assault,” said Mike Hirman, Auburn Police Department Commander.

Auburn police asked the public to look out for the male suspect, who was described as a mixed race male in his late 20's, or possibly early 30's. The suspect is still at large, though the police received many tips.



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