Why you should watch Mindy Kaling's 'The Mindy Project'

By Allison Rubenstein,

For anyone who loves The Office, romantic comedies, and fashion, The Mindy Project is an absolute must-watch.

Set in a gynecology office, nearly every scene is carried out with countless jokes. Mindy Kaling plays lead role Dr. Mindy Lahiri, an overdramatic and confident woman searching for love in New York City. The constant fluctuation of her romantic status is so entertaining that we don’t even care that she is able to win over nearly every hot guy she comes in contact with.

Fans of The Office will love The Mindy Project and notice obvious inspirations that Mindy (who played Kelly on The Office) took to the show. The character interactions and comedic styles share the same laugh-out-loud hilarity, but The Mindy Project characters offer unique absurdities that you haven’t seen before.

“This show is a little bit of a reaction from The Office, to be honest,” Kaling said in a recent interview with the Huffington Post.

Romantic comedy lovers will appreciate and enjoy the variety of dating situations Mindy finds herself in. With a slew of incredible guest stars - including James Franco, Seth Rogan, and B.J. Novak - we remain hooked as Mindy becomes involved with each of these hilarious men. Nothing, however, compares to the developing relationship between Mindy and Danny that, though cliché, happens rapidly and doesn’t rely on its buildup for drama.

For those fond of fashion, The Mindy Project is sure to quench your thirst for style. Between the countless Chanel bags, bright colored coats and designer shoes, costume designer Salvador Perez, Jr. does an incredible job of incorporating fun fashion into a fun show, and making us envy Mindy’s every outfit. We can only imagine how high Mindy’s wardrobe budget is.

“It’s really about silhouettes and styles. We love Alice + Olivia, we love Kate Spade,” Perez told the Huffington Post. “I try to build a big closet of date dresses, work dresses and evening wear, so there is always a great stock of clothes for her and we can just pull from it as episodes come up.”

Don’t be surprised if, after watching The Mindy Project, you find yourself wishing you were Mindy Kaling. You won’t be the first. Enjoy!

The Mindy Project will be starting its third season in September on Fox.

Image courtesy of Roger Wong/INFphoto.com



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