Willie Nelson’s fans supply him with pot

By Christine M. Sellers,

Willie Nelson “never has to buy pot.” At least, that’s what he recently told Rolling Stone. The “On the Road Again” singer opened up on a variety of topics, including his recreational marijuana use.

“Weed is good for you,” Willie Nelson said to Rolling Stone. “Jesus said one time that it’s not what you put into your mouth, it’s what comes out of your mouth. I saw the other day that [medical] weed is legal in Israel – there’s an old-folks home there, and all these old men were walking around with bongs and s***. F***! They got it figured out before we did!”

Nelson also discussed his past run-ins with the law due to possession of the drug. But most importantly, the 81-year-old explained how he manages to keep getting his hands on “Mary Jane” – fans.

In an article from Taste of Country, Nelson admits that when he runs out of pot, it “never takes too long for him to replenish his supply.”

“Oh yeah, I’ve run out,” he says. “But usually somebody will bring us weed. Never have to buy any. Somebody just gives you all you can smoke.”

Nelson even recounted a story from one of his past concerts where fans left “probably eight or 10 pounds of weed on the stage.” The concert took place in North Carolina, a state apparently known for their weed.

“Yeah, because that’s where they grow it all,” Nelson claims. “All the great growers in that area, they’re proud of their weed over there.”

Nelson’s most recent album, Band of Brothers claimed the top spot on the country music charts upon his release. He also just finished touring with fellow country singer, Alison Krauss.

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