World Cup vanishing spray approved for UEFA games

By Leighton Schneider ,

The vanishing spray from the World Cup that set the defensive line for free kicks has been approved by UEFA to use in their competitions.

The spray, which became very helpful in determining where a free kick can be taken and the minimum distance where the defense can set up, was approved after being used in the 2014 UEFA European Under-17 Championship, according to UEFA.com.

UEFA president Michel Planti told UEFA.com that the Referees Committee approved the plan for senior competitions because it was very helpful to the refs during free kicks.

The first game that the spray will be used in will on Aug. 12 in a UEFA Super Cup game between Real Madrid and Sevilla, according to the AFP.

It will be used in all Champions League games from the playoff round to the Championship, the Europa League from the beginning and the Euro 2016 qualifiers.

The spray vanishes after a couple of minutes and leaves no trace on the ground.

It is also being used in the England, France and Major League Soccer.



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