Adriana Lima stars in five-hour Super Bowl ad preview for Kia (Videos)

By Daniel S Levine,

The Super Bowl is Sunday night and you probably know a few people who are more interested in the commericals than the game. Several have already been uploaded on YouTube, but some companies, especially those in the auto industry, have decided to either upload extended clips or elaborate previews. Kia went the extra mile. The car company recruited the sexy Victoria’s Secret model Adirana Lima for their ad, called “Drive The Dream.”

Late last month, they first released a teaser that was just 15 seconds long, according to Ad Week. That preview has been airing on television since Christmas. The full, 60-second ad will also feature Mötley Crüe, UFC fighter Chuck Liddell and thousands of bikini-clad fans in the racetrack’s stands. The ad has already been seen by moviegoers, having been screening in theaters since Feb. 2.

However, Kia took it an extra step. What’s better than 15 seconds of Lima? How about “Five Hours of Adriana Lima in 1080p”? According to The Atlantic, the entire preview shows Lima swaying slowly while waving a racing flag and saying absolutely nothing in full, 1080p high definition. The ad was uploaded on Jan. 30 and has only been viewed just over 254,000 times, in comparison to Honda’s Ferris Bueller ad, which has been seen over 11 million times already.

Lima will also be seen in another ad for Teleflora, according to The Los Angeles Times. Laurie McCartney, chief marketing officer for the online flower service, told the LA Times that the company not only wanted to reach a male audience, but “...we also wanted to have appeal to the female audience, so we went with elegance and beauty...It's a fine balance to achieve both of those goals.” You can watch that ad below. It is scheduled to run during the game’s second quarter and is directed by B-Reel Films’ Anders Hallberg.



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