'America's Next Top Model' Recap - 'Kathy Griffin'

By Michael Pascua,
The models had to channel their inner Snooki or NeNe Leakes

Lisa was a bit nervous seeing Bre eliminated, since they were together during Cycle 5. Lisa worried what Bianca would be without her bodyguard protecting her. Alexandria was disappointed being called a "Reality TV Contestant" even though she is on a reality show, she should probably accept that she won't go much further than that. The girls returned to the house and Bianca fell out of the house cliques. There was a minor fight between Bianca and Alexandria about using the shower. Bianca thought that maybe Alexandria was misunderstood during her season, but she knew now from experience that it was all true.

The girls got a Tyra Mail about dollars and cents. Kayla talked to Bianca about strengths and weaknesses. Kayla was called bland, but she called Bianca a bitch. Apparently, bitches don't win. The girls arrived at the Roosevelt Hotel roof and Nigel Barker explained that the girls would make their own fragrance. Ben Bennett of Hatch Beauty arrived to help the girls create their own fragrance. The girls would have to mix three fragrances to create their perfume. The girls created their own fragrances and named them:

Lisa - Neon
Laura - Love
Dominique - Survivor
Shannon - Smitten
Angelea - Angelea
Allison - Honey Blood
Kayla - Free
Bianca - Candid
Alexandria - Diamondatrix

Allison made Honey Blood and we were reminded how much Allison loved blood. Alexandria took the longest time as she sniffed everything several times. The girls were just excited when Alexandria finally finished. Nigel explained that the girls would launch their fragrance to fans at stations later that evening and would be selling their lines in bathtubs. The prize was immunity. The girls got ready for hair and makeup and Bianca was weirded out about being in a bathtub and wanted to be taken seriously. She wanted respect, but Lisa explained people to do their time to gain credibility.

The girls arrived at the launch party and Eva, winner of Cycle 3, interviewed the girls as they went down the red carpet. Laura tried her best to swoon her fans. Kayla tried to be free, but was too nervous to truly be free. While Lisa and Dominique were having fun, Bianca looked awkwardly at everyone else. Eva and Nigel pointed out that Lisa stood out. Bianca decided to stand her ground for her "candid" nature. The fact that Allison was even in the tub was a sign. Eva was confused by Shannon's demeanor. Nigel even got into the fun and got into Shannon's tub. After a change of clothes Nigel announced the winner of the season would model for a Top Model fragrance. Eva announced the winner was Lisa.

The girls got new Tyra Mail about reality and Jay announced that the girls would have a night shoot on motorcycles. They would be driving around Hollywood as over-the-top reality stars Snooki or Nene Leakes. The women were given poofs in their hair and were ready to act but still model. Mike Rosenthal, who is often tapped for photography in different cycles, returned to shoot the girls. Laura was first and she got into the personality of Snooki; she tried to make sure she was still a model. Kayla wanted to be Snooki in the face, but a model in her body. The problem was that she was distracted by people around her. Angelea was called Tyra as she was driving. Lisa talked to Bianca to get tips about how to be a good Nene. She then stopped after she realized that she was giving too much information. Lisa moved around and tried to be as creative as possible. Allison got to wear a dress worn by Snooki and did a great job. Dominique took risks with her shapes. Bianca thought that having pickles would make her more like Snooki, but wasn't sharing any of it for any of the other girls. Allison was rejected, but mostly dejected because she was hungry. Bianca tried her photos with the pickles but it was too porno. Alexandria tried wagging her finger, but it didn't match being on a motorcycle. Shannon didn't embody Snooki so she struggled with character.

The girls returned and were worried about a double elimination, possibly because of a Snooki/Nene shoot. Bianca decided to think of examples of candid people that would never shoot in a tub.

The girls arrived to judging and instead of Tyra was Kathy Griffin who was being comedic with the girls. Tyra arrived and started the judging like normal with Nigel Barker and Andre Leon Talley. The judging started with Laura and Andre liked the vibe of the shoot. Angelea had a nice narrative to the story; she had strong smize. Dominique took a risk which worked. Alexandria's wagging finger worked, but Nigel didn't think that she should have gone so far. Surprisingly, she wasn't criticized for not providing enough variety. Lisa, challenge winner, had a strong angle. Kayla was up next and she got negative feedback; she looked too dazed. Allison was Snooki on a good day with model energy. Bianca looked passed out on the guy, but she looked like a model. Bianca argued about her resistance at the challenge and that she was trying to be candid. Tyra reminded her that Bianca signed up for the show and if she came back, she knew what would happen. Finally, Shannon lacked energy; she was reminded how much she impressed Tyra back in cycle one.

After the judges deliberated and Tyra announced a double elimination. The top photo was Lisa, even with her immunity. The bottom three contestants were Shannon (Stunning, but too safe), Kayla (Strong photos, but watered down) and Bianca (Modelesque, but cultured). Shannon was safe and both Kayla and Bianca were eliminated. Kayla explained that she needed to bring her energy in panel. Tyra reminded Bianca that she should be humbled by her roots.

Callout Order
1) Lisa
2) Angelea
3) Laura
4) Alexandria
5) Allison
6) Dominique
7) Shannon
8) Bianca Eliminated
9) Kayla Eliminated

Next Week: The girls would have to star in their own music video. Allison worried about not being able to sing.



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