Anderson Cooper laughs uncontrollably while discussing Gerard Depardieu's public urination

By Jaclyn Tuman,
The reporter loses control of his laughter, wiping tears along the way.

A lengthy list of puns and giggles about french actor, Gerard Depardieu, publicly peeing in a City Jet airplane, turns into about a minute of hysterical laughter from Anderson Cooper.

Cooper announced CNN's, "Ridiculist," adding Depardieu's pee incident. The french Academy nominee reportedly urinated on the floor of the airplane when a flight attendant told him he had to wait until takeoff.

Cooper sounded a few small chuckles in between some of the puns used for the occurrence, such as "Depardieu created his own little jetstream, or as the french would say we we." Cooper said he was shocked at the fact this actually happened, which became evident when one pun sparked a burst of laughter.

"Well all I can say is they should thank their lucky stars it wasn't Depar-doo," Cooper said, right before losing it for around a minute, wiping his tears of laughter away every few seconds.

He was able to pull through eventually and finish the segment. Many are reacting to Anderson Cooper's moment, as well as the actor's inability to control his bladder, via Twitter.

"French actor Gerard Depardieu could be in trouble for bringing more than three ounces of liquid on a plane," one of the many tweeted.



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