'Austin Powers' May Return in Fourth Film

By CJ Stewart,
Director Jay Roach says it's a possibility.

Fans of the shaggadelic super spy Austin Powers have a bit to be happy about. After earning the title of "Comedy Director of the Decade" at the last week's ShoWest festival in Las Veags, director Jay Roach, who helmed the first three Austin Powers films, sat down with MTV News reporter Larry Carroll and brought up the possibility of a fourth installment in the series.

Also known for directing Meet the Parents and its sequel, Meet the Fokkers, Roach says he was chosen by Mike Myers to direct the first film, despite his inexperience in the area of directing.

The director credits the star for setting him on his very successful path and says that returning to the franchise is something he would like to do. "Mike gave me my first shot directing on Austin Powers 1. Just said, 'Hey, you should direct this movie,' when I hadn't directed much of anything. So I love that group of people and what could be better than going back into that."

Myers is apparently working on the next installment, and Roach is awaiting its completion. As for where the spy will go next, Roach says it'll likely be something we never expect.

"That's hard to say," Roach responded. "Somewhere you haven't thought of."

When the last film, Goldmember, came out, Pierce Brosnan was still on board as James Bond in the increasingly more ridiculous films in that series. With Daniel Craig now exercising his muscle in the more serious, grittier Bond films, it could be pretty hilarious if they were able to exploit the new tone somehow to their advantage.

Roach is releasing Dinner for Schmucks, starring Zac Galifianakis, Paul Rudd, and Steve Carell, on July 23, and is also producing Little Fokkers, the second sequel to Meet the Parents.

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