'Avenue Q' Advertising Deemed Too Risque

By Thad Komorowski,
The puppets on the 'Avenue Q' posters have been judged too inappropriate.

Let's hope that Miss Piggy follows a proper dress code in future Muppet ads, or she may be out of work in Colorado Springs, where puppet cleavage has been deemed as inappropriate for advertising posters in bus shelters.

Posters for the touring production of the hit Broadway show Avenue Q have been rejected by Lamar Advertising, as they depict the fuzzy pink puppet Lucy's cleavage in a blown-up shot.

Lamar account executive Jeff Moore states that the company follows conservative regulations in the area in question. Colorado Springs is known for its association with political conservative and is home to a few conservative Christian groups.

The poster of Lucy's cleavage has been replaced with one depicting the face of another puppet.

The Tony-winning musical Avenue Q bears the warning: "NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN." The show depicts excessive profanity, innuendo, and puppet nudity, and should not be confused in any way with the brand of more well-known "non-adult" puppets.



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